This is Us

Pitch in Theology is for everybody.

We started in a house on the Northside of Indianapolis in May of 2019. Our group has grown out of the living room and into a space in the Broad Ripple neighborhood.

We want to create an intentional space for all people to come and share their ideas about God, Jesus, and life in community.

Pitch in Theology is named for the Hoosier concept of gathering people with a myriad, hodge podge, of food together for a meal. We extend that concept of pitch in, potlouck, smorgasbord to include our way of approaching God, Jesus and theology. What has your experience been? How do you feel about it? What would your tradition say about it? And does logic and reason validate what you know? PiT does not offer a right answer. We gather so we can journey together in community.

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