Our Pastor

Rev. Samantha Hasty, MDiv was raised on the carnival circuit with her family as they traveled around the country using their woodworking as a way to evangelize and minister to people from every walk of life. She loved Jesus from an early age but saw so much hurt and hypocrisy done in the name of the Church and God that she decided to explore other options. It was at the edge of entering adulthood that she finally challenged God to change her life and to show her what it meant to truly be in relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Samantha’s relationship with God is what has taken her all over the world to see what it truly means to love Jesus, to heal from spiritual trauma, and to walk with others while they navigate the same questions.

She is currently serving as the pastor of Pitch in Theology and the founder of Tabitha’s House – an inclusive Womyn’s Ministry for every female-identified person. The goal of ministry for Samantha is to create relationship for every person who wants to create bonds with God and other people of faith.

Samantha holds an MDiv from Earlham School of Religion. She has worked with many congregations wanting to create space for more womyn and LGBTQ+ people. For questions about consultations or speaking events, reach out to Rev. Samantha Hasty at: samanthajhasty@gmail.com or on Instagram (@IrrevRev4Jesus).

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